A Ghostwriter is a writer who writes a book for a customer and grants all the rights to him, who will eventually be considered as the “true” author (many celebrities usually emply Ghostwriters when writing biographies).
One can choose to employ a Ghostwriter when he has a story to tell but does not have the means to do so. Should that be the case, the customer can give various indications to the Ghostwriter about the story, the characters, the plot, the style to follow and so on; at times to times, before starting on the book, the Ghostwriter may ask to meet multiple times in order to figure out perfectly what the needs of the customer are. The customer will be able to check on the Ghostwriter’s progress to be sure the book is turning out exactly as he wanted to. After finishing the book, the Ghostwriter will hand out his work and grant the rights to the customer who will by all legal rights become its author.


Copywriter is a writer whose job is to attract people through the careful use of words. He mainly adds content to websites, invents catchphrases, writes out speeches, and does everything else related to professional writing.
The Copywriter essentially helps those who work in contact to the public, who must compete against others in order to captivate potential customers or an audience. Through a meeting, the customer presents his ideas and objectives to the Copywriter, who then writes a text according to the guidelines. Texts will be brief, clear and well-written.
The Copywriter’s style is malleable and thus is suitable when writing advertisements and commercials: he is able to change its style in order to cater to each type of audience.
The Copywriter is extremely skilled in delivering as much information as possible in a short and concise way. Among the sea of information that is the Internet, his job is to make sure that his customers have an edge in catching the public’s attention, perfectly aware that a long and verbose text is very often an ignored text.
In recent years, thanks to new technologies, the Copywriter has become a well-established professional, essential when creating an appealing website, blog or landing page.