Shortcodes Finder is a WordPress plugin that will help you find all the shortcodes, an essential element of the WordPress architecture, present in the contents of your site.

What are Shortcodes?

If you are a WordPress developer you will certainly know what they are; for the uninitiated, WordPress shortcodes are code snippets, enclosed in square brackets, which can be inserted into any content (Articles, Pages, Products and any custom post type). By doing so, they extend the basic functionality of WordPress allowing you to:

  • Insert multimedia contents (galleries, videos, carousels, maps, interactive contents)
  • Add content already on your site (product lists, article categories, user information)
  • Insert non-standard input elements for form creation
  • And much more that a standard WordPress installation cannot do

The shortcodes are usually supplied with the Plugins, downloadable from the WordPress repository or purchased on online markets such as ThemeForest or CodeCanyon; alternatively you can also find them in graphic Themes.

To use them you need specific documentation, usually provided by the Plugin / Theme developers, which defines if they should be used with particular parameters and how they should be inserted.

It frequently happens that, in a medium-sized WordPress site, you forget which shortcodes are available or that you no longer find the reference to where the shortcodes have been used within the site.

What will you need our plugin for?

Shortcodes Finder will help you in these purposes and more. With our plugin you can easily:

  • See the list of all shortcodes available for use on the site
  • Find where a particular shortcode is used (in any type of content that can be inserted by the site)
  • Find out which shortcodes a particular post, page, etc. contains
  • Test a shortcode before using it on production site, specifying all possible parameters and seeing the final result…live!
  • Find unused shortcodes (for example those still present on the site, deriving from plugins no longer used)
  • Remove the unused shortcodes of your site with one click, to avoid tags that do not work and make navigation difficult.

And how much does it cost? Nothing! You can download it freely from the link below.


Scribit is available to develop shortcodes for your website or business needs. Contact us for more information or request an estimate.