We develop our projects with many languages and platforms to meet the exact requests of our customers.
But in the remaining time we like to help our colleagues or to those who do not have the skills of developer.

And that’s why we spend our time on Open Source projects such as the well-known WordPress platform.

Below you will find a collection of projects on which we invest for free and therefore we gladly accept a coffee if you want to offer it;)

Wordpress plugin - GDPR compliance

GDPR Compliance helps webmasters to accomplish the european GDPR (data protection regulation) allowing users to manage their personal data.

Select each information regarding users simply selecting it from a list. Customize the labels for a best user readability.
Show with a Shortcode the sensitive data to logged user and allow user to download it.

Wordpress Plugin - Proofreading

Proofreading plugin allows you to improve the quality of your posts, pages and all your WordPress website.
It gives you the possibility to check the correction of the texts inserted into posts, pages and drafts in less than a second!

Press the “Analyze” button and you will have a list of all found errors.
The plugin allows to recognize different types of text errors (thanks to Languagetool.org). Here some examples of error types:
* Typos
* Punctuation
* Typography
* Commonly Confused Words
* Nonstandard phrases
* Semantic
* Grammar
* Redundant Phrases

Proofreading plugin supports a lot of languages. For example:
* English
* Spanish
* German
* Italian
* Japanese
* French
* Portuguese
* Russian
* and so on…

For every language, in the settings page, you can customize which are the error categories you are interesting, hiding the others.

Wordpress Plugin - Shortcodes finder

Shortcodes finder helps you to find every shortcode present in your WordPress site posts, pages and custom type contents.
The plugin also provide a simple page for test your shortcodes, selecting one of the available ones and specifying its content and parameters. The page will show you the result, helping you to decide if insert it into a post.