Since 2014 Scribit has increased the services offered, and Riccardo and Marilù keep improving their skills. Year after year, they never have out of sight their goal, which is to accomodate customers; to this end, they frequently enhance their current skills and learn new ones, so that they are always up to date and prepared to welcome new trends. Marilù provides publishing, revisioning, ghostwriting and copywriting services, while on the other end Riccardo creates tailored websites and softwares, supports preexisting sites, and provides people self publishing platforms.

The thing that separates Scribit from other similar companies is that its services aren’t limited to the “here and now”: Riccardo and Marilù follow their customers until they are fully satisfied, be it by correcting and improving a young girl novel until it is perfect, or by assisting year after year the website of an affirmed businessman. The aim of their work is focused on their customers, to help them fulfill their dreams and needs. Hence, their motto: developing your dreams. Faithful to their beliefs, they’ll never leave a customer alone. Hundreds of dreamers have already chosen Scribit, be the next.