The beginning of Scribit

Scribit was officially born in 2014, but its story began long, long before. Two young people casually met during a meeting: Riccardo was a brilliant engineer, already used to hard working and creating original and pleasuring websites, and came from Mezzago; Marilù was a shy but determined girl, with a literature degree and a burning passion for reading and writing, and came from Putignano. Between them, a spark ignited, and little did they know that that spark would have changed their life and the lives of many other people forever.

Separated by distance, Marilù and Riccardo were forced to develop their relationship through day trips, leading to an increasing distress which could have doomed their dreams altogether. By sheer force of will, though, they managed to resist until they chose to take the plunge. Riccardo left his job at the company where he worked and moved to Marilù hometown, where they bought a house and started to build what they’d always dreamed: a business led by them and created for others.

Scribit becomes reality

Things weren’t simple: some people tried to hinder their progress, fearing that another company could steal their market share; but they weren’t stopped. In 2014, they opened Scribit to the public and started offering its services. Helped by Byte the mascot, Riccardo and Marilù, fueled by their unending originality and unbreakable will, became an important reality first in Puglia, and then in all of Italy. And Byte, their curious and smart dog, became the idol of children and adults living by. In 2015, Riccardo and Marilù finally realized their dream to the fullest: they got married, and still today, even with the little Diego who was born 25 February 2017, their work never ends. Their customers keep growing, drawn by their congeniality, professionalism and the cheerful environment they manage to create each day inside their office. In its lifetime, Scribit has helped many other businesses get recognition, especially in Puglia, where their name already is a brand of quality, but have also cooperated with other important italian companies in creating quality products. But even with its success, Riccardo and Marilù are not willing to stop and enjoy their results; they still strive for national and international recognizition, resolved to bring everywhere their italian excellence.